List of JapaNichijou Podcast!

■About JapaNichijou

Thanks for coming to listen to our podcast!!

We are creating a variety of content for Japanese language learners.

We have decided to start a new podcast as one of them.

In this podcast, we will speak only in Japanese.

I have written all the sentences I spoke in the podcast on my blog.


#1 第一回 Japanese national animation

#2 第二回 Rainy season in Japan

#3 第三回 Japanglish is…! 

#4 第四回 Summer in Japaan! Fireworks and Food Stalls!

#5 第五回 What is Hyakkin?

#6 第六回 Trip to Japan Shizuoka Prefecture

JapaNichijou Podcast! #6
ポッドキャスト一覧 第六回 Japan trip【 Shizuoka 】Part-1 ■YouTube ■Spotify ■翻訳ほんやく協力きょうりょく Mi-VA 様さま■校閲こうえつ協力きょうりょく tomo 様さま おはよう!Good...